“In the present era, we are so closely attached to technology in all walks of life. The situation compels us to be Techno savvy without choice. The students must be offered good technical exposure and education to cope with the requirement & excel in their respective field.” Raja Jait Singh Government Polytechnic” Neemka, Faridabad is…


"To impart training to produce Technically trained main power to prepare them for employment and self-employment opportunities to keep pace with emerging technology in the Industry."


We aim to achieve the followings through sustained efforts:

  • Student Teaching learning process for value based training.

  • Committed and trained faculty and staff which keep themselves updated.

  • To provide safe, clean, hygienic & congenial work environment to students and for effective contribution by every employee.

  • Use of information and communication technology for administrative and Training purposes.

  • We shall constantly adapt, innovate and refine our processes in line with training requirements to produce satisfied trainees.

  • We shall abide by statutory and legal regulations while carrying out our activities.

  • To upgrade the professional skills of all employees keeping in pace with business needs


The course of Computer Science Engineering is the backbone of all the industries

Electrical engineering is a core engineering discipline that generally deals with the  application of electricity

The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in 2019-20.

Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction

This discipline of engineering is amongst the Core engineering and deals with the art of applying design